Barriers to Treatment from the Patient and Care Providers Perspective

Barriers to Treatment from the Patient Perspective

Globally the greatest barriers to treatment and care from the patient perspective are related to capacity and cost such as long wait times to the appointment, long wait times on the day in the clinic, the cost of the examination and long distance required to travel to get to the clinic for the exam.

Barriers to Treatment from the Care Providers Perspective

Health care providers report the barriers to optimal eye health care are largely due to patient responsibilities. In particular, a patient’s general lack of knowledge or awareness, the patients feeling that eye exams were not important, or that eye complications were unlikely, and patients having a general fear of treatment or the test results.

Separate to the patient’s responsibilities, health care providers perceived additional challenges to be due to the high cost of care, long wait times to schedule an appointment, limited access to eye specialists, and the complicated or delayed referral process.