Symptoms of Uveitis

Symptoms of Uveitis

The symptoms experienced by patients affected by uveitis can appear quickly or may develop gradually over time, and uveitis can affect one or both eyes. 

Symptoms of uveitis experienced by patients include[3]:

  • Eye pain
  • Eye redness 
  • Light sensitivity (photophobia)
  • Decreased or blurred vision 
  • Floaters (presence of small shapes moving across your field of vision (floaters)
  • Loss of peripheral vision 
  • Dilated pupils

The symptoms experienced may vary depending upon what part of the eye is affected:

  • Anterior uveitis is frequently associated with pain, light sensitivity, blurred vision, redness and small pupils
  • Intermediate uveitis often causes floaters and blurred vision, but is not usually associated with pain
  • Posterior uveitis can result in decreased or lost vision

Uveitis can also be described based on how long it lasts: 

  • Acute uveitis develops quickly and improves within 12 weeks
  • Recurrent uveitis is characterized by repeated episodes of inflammation separated by gaps of several months
  • Chronic uveitis is where the inflammation lasts for longer and returns within 12 weeks of stopping treatment