Occurrence of Uveitis in People with Diabetes

Occurrence of Uveitis in people with Diabetes

There is some evidence in the literature that uveitis may be more common among people with diabetes. Several patient case reports have reported an association between uveitis in people with diabetes. [6-9], while studies in Spain and Netherlands have reported a higher prevalence of diabetes among elderly patients with uveitis, compared with the general elderly population in these countries.[10, 11] However, not all studies have shown an association between uveitis and diabetes, and there is still no conclusive evidence to demonstrate that diabetes causes uveitis to develop. [12] Anterior uveitis is the most common type in people living with diabetes.[10, 13]

The term “diabetes mellitus (DM)-related uveitis” has been adopted by some experts to define the occurrence of uveitis among patients with poorly managed diabetes.[12]